Thank you for your inquiry concerning furniture assistance from Furnishing Dignity. Due to limited resources, we do not accept applications for assistance from the general public. Instead, we are only accepting applications from those referred by non-profits with whom we have a memorandum of understanding in place. This allows us to serve our clients more effectively and efficiently. A current list of our non-profit partners includes:

Save the Family
Phoenix Rescue Mission
Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation
La Mesa Ministries
Homeward Bound
Family Promise
Friendly House

Sojourner Center

Circle the City

If you are working with one of our listed collaborative partners above, please contact your case manager to submit your application for furniture assistance.

While I am sure you are aware of various resources in Phoenix, we understand how limited the furniture assistance resources are in the Phoenix area. It is our hope that by streamlining our process now, we can expand to serve more in the community in the future.