covid-19/safety policy

To our beneficiaries, sponsors, partners, and communities, we are sharing our commitment of safety regarding COVID-19. Furnishing Dignity is taking steps to ensure the safety of our employees, volunteers, clients, donors, etc. This is our number one priority while maintaining operations to continue to provide our service. We understand this is a constantly developing situation and we are monitoring to make changes, as necessary. We will continue to follow state and federal government recommendations.

Here are the steps we are taking as an organization to help minimize the spread and help ensure your and our safety.

  • All employees have been instructed to remain home if they feel under the weather for any reason and will follow the CDC guidelines to “self-quarantine”.
  • Soap, disinfectant wipes, and sanitizers are prevalent throughout our facilities for thorough cleaning and sanitizing.
  • We are sanitizing and placing all incoming donations in a separate storage unit for a minimum of three days. Once items are marked for clients, all items will be thoroughly sanitized before delivery.
  • Gloves and face masks are made available to our employees. Volunteers are required to bring their own face mask and we are providing disposable gloves to volunteers.
  • We have asked our staff, volunteers, and movers to keep a safe distance, 6 feet, from each other and clients, along with refraining from greeting our clients with any physical contact.