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Dignity Acquisitions

While COVID-19 has undoubtedly created a challenging and uncertain time for our community, Furnishing Dignity remains committed to our services.

Furnishing Dignity is taking steps to ensure the safety of our employees and donors during Dignity Acquisition pack and pick ups. This is our number one priority while maintaining operations during COVID-19 to continue to provide services. We understand this is a constantly developing situation and we are monitoring to make changes as necessary. We will continue to follow state and federal government recommendations.

The following are procedures we are taking and ask our donors to take for the safety of everyone.

  • Our employees will be wearing gloves and face masks during the process
  • We ask the donor to maintain a distance of 6 feet from our employees
  • All furniture removed from the home will be sanitized before being placed on the truck



What is Dignity Acquisitions?

It is a pack and pick-up service created by Furnishing Dignity (Arizona 501(c)(3) nonprofit) to solve an ongoing problem that donors have while helping to fund our mission – to transform lives through community, compassion and essential home furnishings.

What problem?

Furnishing Dignity is frequently contacted and asked to remove the contents of a home or apartment. Often, our donors inherit or have acquired rooms full of furniture and household items that are not useful and/or are not wanted. If you are unable or unwilling to pack and remove these items yourself, Dignity Acquisitions can do the work for you!

While Furnishing Dignity will continue to pick up items that are packed and waiting for us in the driveway or garage for free; for a nominal fee, Dignity Acquisitions will go further. Dignity Acquisitions will pack and remove the entire contents of your home or apartment (some exclusions apply).

So this is going to cost money?

For a reasonable fee (starting at $75), Dignity Acquisitions will pack and remove these items where they stand in your home. Your gently used donated items will provide furnishings for individuals and families in need on their journey toward self-sufficiency and empowerment. Items that are not used by Furnishing Dignity will be recycled or distributed to other non-profits in the area.

But I am giving you all the items!

True. And we are grateful for the support you give Furnishing Dignity with your in-kind donations. However, due to the number of man hours required to pack and pick up a home, we are having to institute this very reasonable fee. The fee is to cover our costs: crew members salaries, gas, truck maintenance, storage, overhead. It takes money to do good in the world.

Furnishing Dignity will not take certain items, will you?

As long as it is not hazardous* and can be lifted by our crew members, Dignity Acquisitions will pack and pick up all the items that you need removed! We will remove large unwanted furniture, mattresses, tires, yard furniture, appliances** , etc.

*We will not accept medicine, food, hazardous waste or toxic materials.
**Large appliances MUST be disconnected prior to removal as we are not able to provide disconnection services.

Reasons to use Dignity Acquisitions instead of a junk removal service or professional mover:

Lower cost!
Save yourself from heavy lifting
Keep items out of landfills by recycling
Unwanted items help those in need working towards self-sufficiency

Call or email today to schedule a free estimate! Joyce Petrowski (480) 340-3417, Ext 3 or

Thank YOU for helping families, foster youth and individuals to rebuild their lives!