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Help A Teen

There are currently over 8000 children in foster care in Maricopa County alone. Your donation to Furnishing Dignity helps kids aging out of the foster care system. These young adults commonly start with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Help give our youth a jump start on life with the basic furnishings that make a house a home.

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Help A Veteran

A donation to Furnishing Dignity will help Furnishing Dignity to help a military veteran make his house a home.
Often times, veterans are without even the basic home furnishings like a bed. We fully furnish homes for vets. It’s just one way we thank them for their service and sacrifice. Please donate today.

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Heart and Home Squad

From: $5.00 / month

The Heart & Home Squad is Furnishing Dignity’s group of committed monthly donors.

Why you should join the Heart & Home Squad

It keeps us ready. Monthly donors ensure we can respond to individuals & families immediately, without being forced to fundraise first. This can change lives!

It provides predictable revenue. Monthly giving helps Furnishing Dignity avoid peaks and valleys of revenue, ensuring we can spend more time on strategic planning, training, and operation logistics – and less on fundraising.

Simply put, it sustains our work. The Heart & Home Squad supports the day-to-day operations of Furnishing Dignity and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to our mission.

Every day the volunteers at Furnishing Dignity take real action to positively impact people’s lives! How many of us can feel that way at the end of the day? Monthly contributions allow us to support their efforts in a small, but important way. Become a monthly donor and help Furnishing Dignity reach those in need all year long.

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AZ Tax Credit

A donation to Furnishing Dignity will qualify you for the Qualifying Charitable Organization Tax credit (Code #20735) serving low income Arizona residents and families. This Arizona tax credit program gives you a dollar for dollar credit against your Arizona income taxes, up to a maximum of $400 for individuals and $800 for couples filing jointly.  Click here or speak to your tax professional for more information on how the credit works.

We need your support now!  Make your Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization tax credit by completing the donation below or you can mail a check to the address below.  You will receive a thank you letter that will serve as your donation receipt.

Thank YOU for helping families to rebuild their lives!

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Mattress Removal


Mattress Removal and Disposal Fee

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In-Home Service Fee


This fee is for a few items only. If you have more than a few items, please contact Dignity Acquisitions or email donations@furnishingdignity.org.

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Dignity Acquisitions Deposit

50% Deposit of your Dignity Acquisition fee.

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Dignity Acquisitions Balance

Balance payment of your Dignity Acquisition fee.

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