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Heart & Home Squad

Heart and Home Squad

While COVID-19 has undoubtedly created a challenging and uncertain time for our community, Furnishing Dignity remains committed to our services.  We are taking steps to ensure the safety of our employees, volunteers, clients, donors, etc. This is our number one priority while maintaining operations to continue to provide our service.  We understand this is a constantly developing situation and we are monitoring to make changes as necessary.  We will continue to follow all state and federal government recommendations.

Because of YOUR monthly support, we have accomplished many milestones from our 700th move to serving 730 households to date.  YOU are what sustains our mission and YOUR monthly support makes all the difference.

Thank you for your time, talent, and treasures. Your contributions to Furnishing Dignity is truly appreciated. You are a generous and valued member of our Furnishing Dignity community. That is why we are excited to share a new opportunity with you to continue moving Furnishing Dignity’s mission forward called Heart & Home Squad.

What’s the Heart & Home Squad?

The Heart & Home Squad is Furnishing Dignity’s group of committed monthly donors.

Why you should join the Heart & Home Squad

• It keeps us ready. Monthly donors ensure we can respond to individuals & families immediately, without being forced to fundraise first. This can change lives!

• It provides predictable revenue. Monthly giving helps Furnishing Dignity avoid peaks and valleys of revenue, ensuring we can spend more time on strategic planning, training, and operation logistics – and less on fundraising.

• Simply put, it sustains our work. The Heart & Home Squad supports the day-to-day operations of Furnishing Dignity and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to our mission.

Every day the volunteers at Furnishing Dignity take real action to positively impact people’s lives! How many of us can feel that way at the end of the day? Monthly contributions allow us to support their efforts in a small, but important way. Judi and Tim