Why Clean before Furnishing a Home?

Furnishing Dignity is all about giving to people in need, and today we want to give you some advice about preparing your home for furnishing. Before you add the furniture, unpack boxes, or start arranging the items in your home, it’s a good idea to have your home properly and thoroughly cleaned.

There is good reason for that, and we’re going to share with you why that is. Many people will receive furniture from our organization and not take some of the few simple steps they ought to in order to prepare their home for that furniture. Cleaning your home ahead of time will make life a lot easier on you, and we will explain how that’s possible in this article.

It’s Easy to Clean When The House Is Empty

Have you tried to clean a room in your house that is packed with furniture? Maybe it’s a bedroom that has a bed, night stands, a chair, and the dresser. How difficult is it to clean that room properly with all the furniture there? It’s not easy to clean under the bed, behind the dresser, and around some of the furniture. You may just give up and do a poor job and not clean completely simply because of all the furniture that’s in the way.

Even if you’re simply refurnishing a single room, cleaning it before the furniture arrives is a great idea. You spend less time cleaning, you’ll have fewer hindrances to your cleaning, and you’ll be more thorough as you clean. Most people are not going to lift up and move a lot of the furniture in each of their rooms as they clean. They might move chairs that might clean under some furniture where it’s easy to do so, but who cleans their entire floor in a room that has several large items of furniture? Most people don’t, and that leaves the home poorly cleaned week after week.

There may be stains, dirt, and debris on your floors that you’re not seeing simply because you don’t clean with the floor free of furniture. This is why we recommend cleaning your home thoroughly before any furniture arrives.

Help Your Floors Last Longer

Did you know that cleaning under the place where your furniture rests will allow your floor to last longer? This is true of carpet and hardwood floors in particular.

What happens when you don’t clean under the furniture is that little bits of grit and debris accumulate at the base of the furniture. These rub against the floor and cause friction and create wear and tear on your floor. Anytime you move the furniture when there are pieces of dirt and debris under it, that will cause damage to your floor. The damage may be minor, but over years, these parts of your floor will wear down faster than the parts that don’t have furniture on them.

When you’re trying to clean under furniture, you want to make sure that you’re lifting the furniture up rather than sliding it along the floor. It would be better to clean your floor with the furniture completely removed from the room so that you’re not causing friction and further damage to your floor.

Prepare Your Home for Furniture

We recommend cleaning before the furniture arrives in the home or before it’s settled into the room where it’s going to stay. We have given you some reasons why that is, but it is worth telling you one more.

Once the furniture is in place in a single room or throughout your house, you’re not likely to clean under the furniture very well or very often. That is why you want to clean your floor very thoroughly before the furniture is added. This gives your floor a detailed once over that could last for a while.

Do this cleaning now, before any furniture is in the room, and you won’t have to clean the floor as often. You won’t have to stress and strain and move the furniture just because it has been a while since you cleaned the floor in that area.

What Else to Do?

So, we’ve talked about preparing your floor to receive furniture and why it is so important that you tidy up the floor before any furniture is brought in. But what else should you do to prepare your home for new furnishings?

Would you recommend that you clean all around the room, specifically the parts of the room where new furniture will be placed. This includes the walls and the ceiling and not just the floor, because these parts of the room may become less easily accessible once furniture is in place.

You may also want to buy some furniture pads to place under the feet of the furniture so it doesn’t scratch the floor, specifically with tiled, carpeted, or hardwood floors.

Another good idea is to clear a path from the doorway to the room where the furniture is going to be placed. This gets any hindrances out of the way and makes it easier to put the furniture where it belongs right away. If you planned well, the furniture should be able to come off the truck and directly to its final destination with ease. That is especially important when you have some help with the furniture initially, but you may not have help later on.

Try to figure out exactly where you want the furniture placed and which direction you would like it to be facing before it even comes into your home. This will save you some time later on and help you to make good use of any assistance you have when the furniture arrives.

We hope you enjoy your new furnishing and that they last a long time and that they look beautiful in your home. If you’ve made proper preparations ahead of time, getting the furniture in place should be easy. We hope this article has been helpful in getting you ready for moving in new home furnishings.

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