Keep Bedding Clean with These Handy Tips

How do you make sure that your bedding stays clean so that it is safe to sleep on? You might be concerned about germs and bacteria getting onto your bedding, and you might be hesitant to sleep in your bed knowing that the bedding hasn’t been washed in a while. How do you keep it clean? Here are some things you can do.

Wash Bedding Regularly

Let’s start off by talking about how often you should be cleaning your sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding items. How often do you think that is?

In most cases, we would recommend you wash your bedding every week or every two weeks. For safety’s sake, we would not recommend you wait longer than two weeks to wash your bedding.

If you wait longer than that, then you may be more prone to pick up bacteria and illnesses from your bedding. You are also more likely to attract bugs to the bed thanks to the buildup of sweat, dirt, oils, and tiny debris.

Washing bedding frequently makes it easier to keep clean and helps with hygiene and health issues. If you haven’t been washing your bedding very often, we suggest you start doing that. It should help the bedding to last longer as well.

Don’t Eat on the Bed

This is an obvious rule for some people, and for others, it is a strange and foreign idea. Eating on the bed just invites bugs in. You are bound to leave crumbs on the bed no matter how careful you are with your eating habits. You can make less of a mess by using a tray as you eat, but you will still run the risk of dropping crumbs on your bedding.

That’s not even talking about the liquid spills that can happen when you eat in bed. If you drop juice or coffee on the bed, that can absorb into the sheets quickly and even into the mattress. You will have a dirty bed very quickly that attracts bugs and that is hard to clean.

It is best to avoid food and drinks on the bed entirely, but if you have to have them, then place a mattress cover on the bed that will keep out liquids. If you do make a mess, clean it up quickly.

Keep Your Bedroom Clean

Dirt always seems to travel, doesn’t it? You may have a clean bed but a dirty floor, and somehow the dirt manages to travel onto the bed. How does that happen? If you want a clean bed, then you need to keep a clean bedroom. You can place a mat by the door or beside the bed to cut down on dust and debris making its way onto the bed, but ultimately, keeping the bedroom clean will help the bed to stay cleaner as well.

You may want to have professional cleaners do a deep cleaning service every so often in our bedroom to keep it in top shape. This cuts down on the work you have to do and gives the room a nice refreshing so that it feels clean and smells lovely.

Regularly cleaning your bedroom gives you a cleaner bed. You also have a more comfortable and restful sleep because there will be fewer allergens and irritants in the room to block your sinuses, create allergy-like symptoms, and make you feel uncomfortable.

Shower before Going into Your Bed

A great way to cut down on the germs, dirt, oil, and bacteria that make their way into your bed is to shower before you go to bed. Get into the habit of taking a shower before using the bed, and this will drastically cut down on how much degrees on the bed and how dirty your bedding becomes.

Throughout the day, your body will build up oils, dead skin cells, dirt, and other debris. Anything you come into contact with will take some of this from you. Your bedding absorbs sweat and oil from your skin and your hair. A lot of dead skin cells and hair follicles will end up on the bed if you’re not showering before you use your bed.

If you are someone who uses your bed throughout the day to rest on, it’s a good idea to wash your face and put on clothes that you have not worn outside the house. This will diminish a lot of the debris that ends up on the bed and help keep the bedding cleaner for longer.

You want to clean yourself off as best you can before you get into bed. That can be something as simple as wiping your feet off on a mat before stepping into your bed. It’s wise to place that right beside the bed for this very purpose. That drastically cuts down on how much dust and dirt some heat and on the bed.

Your home is probably not spotlessly clean all the time, so moving from one room to another doing chores or whatever you are doing around the house and then moving to your bed will bring dirt and the blue from other areas of the house onto your bed.

Make Your Bed Properly

Making up your bed in the morning to help eliminate a lot of dust and dirt from the bedding and to keep your bed feeling fresh and clean. But you have to do things the proper way.

Every morning, take all the pillows, blankets, and sheets off the bed. Then, add them back onto the bed one by one. With this method, you aren’t just moving dust around in the bed when you make your bed; you’re actually removing dust from your bed. This means that you won’t have to wash your bedding as frequently. Your bed will feel more comfortable and less grainy and less full of dirt and dust.

We hope our tips help you have better rest and feel more comfortable in your bed.

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