Why We Need Good Sleep

For many people, regularly getting a good night of sleep is a luxury. It’s simply not something that everyone can do because of their work schedule. For others, they may not see that sleep is very important. It may be something they do when they’re bored or simply because their body makes them sleep but they fight against it.

We want to share with you some reasons why it is so important to not just sleep but to get adequate, restful sleep. At Furnishing Dignity, we provide beds and other furniture to needy families. Many of them struggle to get decent sleep simply because they don’t have a decent place to sleep. Let’s talk about the value of a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Improves the Immune System

Sleep is so important to your body that it protects and strengthens your immune system. If you are constantly becoming ill and it’s easy for you to catch a sickness, you may have a weak immune system. Taking vitamins can help, as can trying to protect yourself from germs around you. However, you need to get adequate sleep so that your immune system has the strength it needs to protect you.

Your immune system does a lot to keep germs and infections from harming you very much. Many times, you will get a little sick because your immune system is preventing you from becoming very sick. If you get over an illness quickly, you can thank your immune system for that. But, if you’re not getting enough sleep, your immune system will be very weakened. Your body will be trying to fight off all the germs and bacteria it deals with regularly as well as a lack of energy and resources due to a lack of sleep.

Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep and that this is good quality sleep so that your immune system can be strong. You need more than vitamins to keep your immune system healthy.

Sleep Helps You Think Clearly

Getting decent sleep also helps you to focus better and think more clearly. If you’re fighting brain fog, confusion, disorientation, and dealing with memory lapses, then you may not be getting enough sleep. When your brain is tired, it simply cannot function the way it is supposed to. You need adequate sleep in order for your brain to be rejuvenated and refreshed.

There have probably been days where you slept less than you should have and you struggled throughout the day to do your work, to remain focused, and to think clearly. You might be easily distracted when you’re not getting enough sleep because your brain is fighting against its tiredness and the distractions around you.

Sleep Improves Your Mood

We have all had days where we were irritable and grumpy because we couldn’t sleep as much as we needed to. When your sleep is cut short, sometimes your temper is short as well. Something as simple as getting enough sleep can help you to have a good attitude throughout the day. But if you’re tired, you may have trouble staying in a good mood. It may not take much to make you depressed, angry, or emotional.

That’s because your body is struggling to stay awake and feels burdened by your tiredness. It takes very little outside influence to make your body suddenly feel overwhelmed and your emotional state to break down. Getting enough sleep helps you to feel better and makes it easy to have a great mood all the time. If you are someone who has trouble having a positive attitude while getting along with other people, try to get enough sleep to help with that. It may not fix the problem, but it will make it easier to deal with.

Sleep Helps You Live Longer

Did you know that getting enough sleep helps you have a longer lifespan? It’s true, because a lack of sleep will affect your entire body, and it hurts your heart. Your heart takes on more stress and has more work to do and will experience a more strenuous life if you’re not getting enough sleep. Constantly missing sleep and not getting adequate rest will tax your heart so that it gives out earlier.

People who routinely get too little sleep tend to have heart problems sooner in life, and those heart problems tend to be more severe than their counterparts who get enough sleep. So, if you want to live a longer life, one way you can help yourself out is to get more sleep

How to Get Better Quality Sleep

We’ve talked about why sleep is so important and some of the benefits it gives to you, and now let’s talk about what you can do to help improve your sleep schedule.

One of the big factors that will contribute to a good night’s sleep is a comfortable bed. If you don’t have a very good bed, you can reach out to Furnishing Dignity and see what we have available. A bed that is too hard or too small may make it difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep.

Another factor that’s really important is the cleanliness of your home. You have to hire professional cleaners if you’re having trouble keeping your home clean. We suggest cleaning your bedroom at least once a week to cut down on the dust and dirt and to prevent nasal blockages that keep you from getting enough sleep.

You also want to make sure you’re cutting out distractions, noises, and lights in your bedroom when you try to sleep. Try to turn off digital devices well ahead of when you go to sleep. Make sure there are no lights or noises around you in the room where you’re sleeping. You can use a sleep mask and ear plugs to block out these stimuli and help yourself get a better night’s sleep.

These are just a few methods you can use, and there are many more, and we hope that our advice helps you to sleep more soundly.

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