Happy Memorial Day! Help Serve Vets.

Happy Memorial Day!

As we remember those who sacrificed their lives so that we can live in prosperity, let us also remember those who served and are still with us, especially those who need our support.
Furnishing Dignity is excited to expand our partnerships by starting to work with Arizona Housing Coalition to supply 20 Veterans a month with start-up kitchen and bathroom boxes (see list below). To help us serve these veterans each month, please consider donating new or your gently used items (especially microwaves, coffee makers and toasters).
Financial donations designated for this purpose will also be accepted. Our first volunteer opportunity to help us prepare these boxes for delivery is Wednesday 6/2/2021. Please meet at our storage facility Armored Self Storage 14245 S 48th St Phoenix 85044 at 7:30am.
If you have questions or want to help us serve our veterans, please email Tamara at Tamaras@furnishingdignity.org

What we will be supplying the Veterans each month:

Start-Up Kitchen Box:
Baking pans/dishes
Coffee maker
Cooking utensils
Cutting board
Dish drying rack
Dish set for 2
Garbage can
Drinking glasses
Kitchen towel set
Mixing bowls
Plastic storage containers
Sharp knives
Silverware for 2
Start-Up Bathroom Boxes:
Bath mat
Clothes basket
Trash can
Shower curtain/liner
Shower hooks
Towel set for 2